Problem on Dreamhost: engine for rails 1.1.6


I'm trying to set up Substruct (shopping cart engine) on Dreamhost.
I failed several times and tracked down to the problem area.

I can reproduce the problem with these steps:

1. install rails
2. change public/.htaccess for fcgi
3. change public/dispatch.fcgi for RailsFCGIHandler

At this step, I can execute public/dispatch.fcgi without error.

4. svn co vendor/

I get

Two things. I presume there’s nothing being logged in the Rails log directory, right? Okay. Good. First, try firing up the old “script/console” and see if/what errors you get from that. Second, look at the Apache error logs [usually found in ~/logs/YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME/http/ ] Sometimes [but rarely!] there’s actually useful information in there. But usually the console will reveal the nasties breaking your code. Hope that helps.