Problem installing on Mac OSX

Todd Flaming wrote:

I tried the instruction tutorial on

and in the middle of trying to install fixrbconfig I got an error:

usr/lib/ruby/1.8/powerpc-darwin8.0/ruby.h does not exist. This probably
means you haven't yet installed Xcode from the Tiger DVD. You won't be
able to compile Ruby extensions without it. Please install it then rerun
this program.

I had installed Xcode.

Any clue?

Also, I'm bothered by this error and the fact that configuration needs
to be fixed. Why do I need to "fix" something after installing it, why
do I have to use terminal to do it, and why do I have an obscure error
like this one?

The main problem I see with languages and scripts like Ruby on Rails,
PHP, etc. is that they will never be distributable to everyone who
really needs them because the task of installing the underlying
application is so daunting. Any discussion in the open source community
about solving that problem?

please mr.flaming i bought a macbook air from some guy and it has u
logged on as a user but i dont know the password so i cant do much and i
cant create my own account can u please tell me the psssword i spent
1200 on it and the guy didnt tell me the password can u please tell me
the password hint on the account is advent its your account on itunes
and the macbook

You can reset the password with a Mac OS X installation disk (see )