Problem creating records through association using .new


When I do

order = Order.find :first line_item =

the LineItem object is saved with order_id = nil.

However, if I just do order.line_item.create, order_id is filled out correctly and it saves the association.

Why doesn't it work with .new?



Well, because it doesn’t work that way. #create saves, #new doesn’t.

Foreign keys are always filled in at save time.


@Jason: I think he means the Foreign key is nil (order_id in the line_item class should have been filled in for him because of the association.)


Collection#new doesn’t work that way… in fact if you look at the API for has_many you won’t even see a ‘new’ method.

You want ‘build’ (:thing => other_thing… }

(I hate that syntax… new makes more sense there than build. )