Problem adding the OpenWFEru scheduler code in Initialzers


I am using OpenWFEru gem for scheduling the weekly mailing in my rails application. I have written the scheduler code as a stand-alone ruby code. So I have to run it separately.

But I want this scheduler to start when I start my rails server. I tried putting this ruby code in config/initializers. But the server is not getting started as this scheduler code keeps on running.

Following is my ruby code in config/initializers.

  require 'openwfe/util/scheduler'   include OpenWFE

  scheduler =   scheduler.start

  scheduler.schedule('0 9 * * 1') do     system "ruby D:\\Projects\\Producteering\\script\\runner             Person.send_weekly_digest"   end


Am I doing anything wrong? Or is there any way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance...