[Private Group of Pragmatic Study]

Group of Pragmatic Study

Hi everyone.

I am just briefly introduce myself. My name is Leandro, I am from São Paulo. I am 33 years old.

Well, I am Software Developer over 10 years. I work with Web Developement over 5 years. However, I am study Ruby on Rails recently.

Now, the matter.

I am looking for more 2 people who really be wanting learn Ruby in complex real scenaries.

Look over some features done in Ruby. And after, we make it better.

How will it work?

First Week

Each one by yourself does a research to identity features which should be improve.

Second Week

We do a meeting talk about what should be improved and decide which feature we will improve


We set aside the requeriments and the project starts! (version control github)

Required to vagancy


Experience with Software Developer

Avaliable at least once a week to meetings by skype

Willing to read all the documantion about Ruby

Note: It is not to make money, the aim here is build-up meaningful features and enjoy it to gain experience with Ruby.

Why am I not doing it by myself? Everyone knows that developer something really decent demands lot of effort and time what we almost don’t have nowadays. :slight_smile: Teamwork is the key .

Rodrigues Leandro

I’m interested.

HI Leonardo

Are you still looking for people to join your group?

I don’t have access to Skype but can video chat through Facebook.

I am a Web Developer / Programmer in python, java and now rails.

Cheers Dave