preselected dropdown select in form


quite new to rails and ruby... so still wondering how does it work.. :wink:

i have three tables structured as follow: 1) categories 2) recipes 3) steps

where steps belongs_to recipe recipes belongs_to category

and category has_many recipes recipe has_many steps

i've created the standard scaffold for the three above... everything went ok, i've modified the models for the constraints on the FKs, i've modified the views to add a select dropdown to show in the recipe edit/new form the categories, and in the step edit/new form the recipes.

in the _form.rhtml for recipes i've: <%= select("recipe", "category_id", Category.find(:all).collect {|c| [,] }) %></p>

and in case of editing it shows the right category preselected.

in the _form.rhtml for steps i've: <%= select("step", "recipe_id", Recipe.find(:all).collect {|c| [c.title,] }) %></p>

in this case the preselection doesn't work...

now to create a step inside a recipe i've a link in the main recipe edit/show page like that: <%= link_to "Create new Step", {:controller => "step", :action => "new", :recipe_id => @recipe} %>

that create a link like this one (assuming i'm viewing the recipe id#2): http://localhost:3000/step/new?recipe_id=2

hope i'm clear enough... how all this can works? what i'm doing wrong? what's the logic to follow?

thanks for any suggestion really appreciated.

KR, Pingala

up up.... anybody can help?