how to show dropdown list with selected value?

hi.. I'm having a problem with an editing view to show a dropdown list with selected value.

my tables are as followed product table : id | Name | Price | Country_id country table : id | CountryName

on the product new.htm.erb, I've got the list like this <%= collection_select ("product", "Country_id", @country, :id, :CountryName) %> and it generates <select> html tags and saves good too.

now, I'd like to edit the product on the edit.html.erb with the same dropdown list with collected product.Country_id.

<option value = "{product.Country_id}" selected > CountryName</option>

anyone knows how to to this? I've tried the rails.api way of doing it.. such as

select(:product, :Country_id, country.find(:all).collect {|c| [ c.CountryName, ] }, {:include_blank => 'None'}) and it didn't work..

Have you tried using the same collection_select statement on the edit page? It works for me.

well.. Litwin, i've tried it.. and it shows the drop down list.. but not with the saved data in the selected option, instead, it shows the default value, the one on top of the list.

it supposed to work just like that? is there something i've done wrong, then?

im fairly new to Ruby On Rails, but I had to do this and here how I did it.

in my subscriber controller:   def edit     @subscriber = Subscriber.find(params[:id])     @offer = Offer.find(@subscriber.offer)     @offers = Offer.find(:all)   end

In my edit view:

<p> Offer: <select name="subscriber[offer_id]"> <% @offers.each do |offer| %> <% if @offer==offer %> <option value="<%= %>" selected> <%= %> <% else %>   <option value="<%= %>"> <%= %> <%end%> </option> <% end %> </select> </p>

It may be not the most efficient way since Im fairly new to RoR or to web programming in general. I just did a if.else checking when in the list of offers I get the subscriber.offer and added a "selected" a little bit like your were trying to do

Here is a snippet of the code from one of my projects. This same code is in both my new and edit forms.

<% form_for(@field) do |f| %>   ...   <p>     <%= f.label :lookup_category_id %><br />     <%=       @lookup_categories = LookupCategory.find(:all, :order => "lookup_category_name")       f.collection_select(:lookup_category_id, @lookup_categories, :id, :lookup_category_name, :prompt=>"Select a Lookup category (optional)")     %>   </p>   ... <% end %>

thanx to all

I've got my problem solved..

i didn't change anything on my code.. but changed the type of the field on the table

product table : id | Name | Price | Country_id country table : id | CountryName

since the "id" fields are the integer type, I changed the type of the Country_id field from the string to the integer.. (I was just blindly following and not thinking when the instruction for building controllers)


I hope, none of you make mistakes like i did.. .. so I'm revealing my dumb mistake like this one out in the open... :slight_smile:

well.. for the conclusion.. <%= collection_select ("product", "Country_id", @country, :id, :CountryName) %>

this is it..

i don't need to use "selected=>" option or whatsoever options, for my case.. the "County_id" or :Country_id, the :method takes both the method or the value itself and applies for editing..

happy "ruby on rails"ing