prepend_view_path and layouts

When using prepend_view_path in a before_filter in application_controller it renders all views correctly from the added view path. However layouts are still from the default location..

Any ideas?

It seems that there are 2 different view_paths used: - The class one.. (is the only one used on layouts) - The instance one.. (is used on other views)

So when theming your whole application you have to do something like:

      self.class.prepend_view_path("#{RAILS_ROOT}/themes/# {self.current_theme}/views") # This is for the layouts :S       self.prepend_view_path("#{RAILS_ROOT}/themes/# {self.class.current_theme}/views") # This is for the actions

This probably isn't thread safe, etc..etc..

But WHY is Rails using 2 DIFFERENT view_paths ??