Power Point / Keynote presentation in website

Hi, I’d like to know how can I do something like that entrance: http://www.ibderma.com.br/index_02.html

I think it can be done with Power Point or Keynote (even better if possible, cause I’m on a mac), but I have no idea how, if anyone can help me I appreciate it.

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Ps.: I love this community, every question I’ve asked so far, someone helped me =), thank you.

That is not really a Rails question, but the effect is done using
Flash. Please don't do it, it is horrible to have a site that relies
on flash. Think of those with limited bandwidth. Also it will not
work on many mobiles, and some users disable flash due to the security


Hi all,

still fighting with incredible ruby slowness with RoR development. Not only tests, but whole development takes
a lot of time, getting eg. 2000ms to complete page render (with mysql5). Trying various versions of ruby (1.8.7, 1.9.1, 1.9.2), but
still the same. Using mbp late 2009, 4gb ram, osx 10.6.7

anyone experiencing the same?


Install either
  rails-footnotes -- http://rubygems.org/gems/rails-footnotes
  new relic rpm -- http://newrelic.com/

to collect real data on where the time is being taken. It could be DB,
it could be rendering, it could be a combination of things.


Ya, I was just looking at the source and found out it was flash… But how can I do the same thing with Rails and without flash?

Most of the effects can either be achieved with CSS3 (animations) or Javascript, Rails is all about the serverside, these kinds of animations are clientside and thus need clientside scripting. Keep in mind that CSS3 animation support is very limited at this time in most of the current browsers (Safari seems to be way ahead of everyone else on the animation front). Also, it’s not going to be a trivial task to achieve that kind of animation.

For what it’s worth, I myself and quite a few people I know (even non-developers) hate this kind of site where you have to wait for about 15 seconds before the actual content appears. It doesn’t add anything useful to the site itself, except for a delay in getting to the information you want. Animation should be an added value, not a means of being fancy and dandy.

However, looking back at your original question (and the title of this thread), you are looking for Powerpoint/Keynote-like transitions. As I originally responded, both of these can be achieved with CSS3 (most performant on mobile devices) or Javascript (works cross-browser).

Thank you very much, tell me one more thing, can I do that javascript part with only ruby language?


I actually use keynote to prototype all my applications with the exception of mobile apps. I use dashboard for mobile apps. The front end technology my team uses is SproutCore and the animation framework is awesome.

SproutCore provides good cross browser support and would highly recommend it. Check out the following demos and git account for sample code:




Furthermore, we will be releasing training material for SproutCore on the front end and rails on the backend shortly at sproutcoreonrails.com. I will keep the community up to date when I can provide more information.

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Chad Eubanks

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