Posting Multipart Forms Over ActiveResource


I've been using ActiveResource for my application and I have noticed
that I cannot post a file using "create". I tried passing Base64
encoded data, but this takes a very long time for larger files (20+
seconds for a 5 meg file).

I decided I would try using Net:HTTP to do the multipart post
manually, which works except for the authenticity token and some of
the authentication. It also seemed like I was writing a heck of a lot
of code that should be part of ActiveResource.

So my question to all of you is what am I missing? Is there a method I
am unaware of? Is there a reason that AR does not include this

I hope I can find a simple way to do this multipart post. If I can't,
I'd like to work with you guys to create the support for this


Hey Nick,

Even I had this requirement of uploading files using some sort of API,
but couldn't really leverage Active Resource. what I used is described

I am happy to help you include submitting multipart form data as part
of ActiveResource,


Thanks Jatinder,

That worked great, although I had to handle my authentication
differently. Thanks again for your help.