Postgres exclusion constraint support

Hi there! This is my first post to the discussion forum, so if I’m putting this in the wrong place, please let me know.

I would love to get some eyes on a new feature I proposed to Rails, exclusion constraint support for Postgres, in Add support for exclusion constraints (PostgreSQL-only) by agrobbin · Pull Request #40224 · rails/rails · GitHub. It’s been out there for a bit, and it’d be great to have some feedback from someone on the core team about it when they have a free moment.



+1 on this, our team is currently split between our forked version of the active_record-postgres-constraints gem (which we had to do because the official gem has been archived), and the official Rails support for check constraints. Ideally we would just be able to rely on Rails.

@agrobbin welcome to the forum! I’m not on the core team, but I did add some feedback to your PR. It looks super handy and I’m looking forward to seeing it merged.



Thanks for update and quick response, Looking for same issue, Really appreciate for help.

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@agrobbin you have some merge conflicts and a few PR feedback comments waiting to be addressed, we still haven’t received any word from Rails / ActiveRecord maintainers however. @rafaelfranca (so sorry to bother you idk if there is someone else more appropriate to tag) – is there anything we can do to get this ready?

Also Alex if you are busy / need help getting any feedback addressed I’m happy to assist in any way that I can.