Possible bug in rails when I search a polymorphic association and array scope as LIKE

  1. Please report bugs to the Rails issues tracker, not here: http://github.com/rails/rails/issues This mailing list is for discussion about features to the framework.

  2. Rails 2.3 does not receive bug fixes, as per our maintenance policy: http://weblog.rubyonrails.org/2013/2/24/maintenance-policy-for-ruby-on-rails/ So even if it is a bug, it’s not going to get fixed. Sorry about that! Please try to upgrade to Rails 3.2.

Steve, I also believed it was a 2.3 related bug at first but the Gemfile is for a recent Rails version. Did you check it?

I did not, because it should be filed on the issues tracker if it affects > 2.3.

Ok thank you, I’m going to publish in github but this “bug” is still in Rails 3.2.

A greeting!

There are two existing issues related to this:



The code in #7402 may be helpful in your particular situation.

–Matt Jones