Port 443 opened and rails app accessible through protocol http on port 443

Hi everyone. I am trying to make my rails app available through https. I am using centos on a vps(virtual private server) I shutdown the httpd daemon. I opened the ports 443 on the firewall (firewall-cmd). Now rails runs fine on http. When I try opening it on https I get an error.

However the website is available on http with port 443. So if I did http://mywebsite.com:443 in the browser, I can see the website. So I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Every solution online points me to use nginx. I tried installing nginx, but nginx is not working either. Nginx shows a 404 page accessible through the https protocol. It does same for http. So please can someone explain what I am doing wrong ?

Hi ntuifranklin, You are probably missing a certificate, which is required for https. See if you can install a certificate with Let’s Encrypt:

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