populating drop down

most probably you want to use the collection_select helper in your view

first, in your controller action, grab the contents of the table you want to use to populate the combo


class TestController < ApplicationController

def index    @categories = Category.find(:all) end


Then in your view, add the following code to insert a form and combo <select> box

<% form_for :articles do |f| %> <%= f.collection_select(:category_id, @categories, :id, :name) %> <% end %>

This is assuming you have a table in your db named categories which has an 'id' and 'name' column, and you want to save the id into the column 'category_id' in the table 'articles'

Just substitute out these names if yours are different.

I find this is the best place to read up on the myriad helpers and methods available in rails: http://www.gotapi.com/rubyrails