Plugin for displaying wikipedia content

Is there a plugin for displaying wikipedia content?

looked around but just could not find one.


There was some discussion on the rails-wiki list about this a while
back; the conclusion was the Wikipedia markup is both incompletely
documented AND incredibly tricky to parse. That's why they picked
another system for

--Matt Jones


You can use MediaCloth.Its a nice Mediawiki parser.You feed it with a media wiki syntax and it’s supposed to return a correct html.
It works, it’s not perfect but it works.


Hemali Chauhan wrote:


You can use MediaCloth.Its a nice Mediawiki parser.

Is MediaCloth actually usable? I thought it wasn't mature enough yet.


Yes thats right its not that mature yet but I have tried to parse basic Mediawiki tags (external link,internal link,image & many more…). That worked for me with Media Cloth.


Hemali Chauhan
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