phpinfo for RoR?

Dear all,

Is there something like phpinfo() for RoR? I have a dual install of ruby and would like to know which version I am actually using. Thanks in advance!


`ruby -v` at the commandline

rob wrote:

`ruby -v` at the commandline

Also for what version of Rails check the following:

* vendor/rails (if you have frozen rails) * gem search rails * if multiple versions of the gem are installed check config/environment.rb. If the gem version is listed that is the version you are using. Otherwise you are floating so the most recent gem is being used.


script/about in your rails app directory.

A more graphical "ruby script/about" would be to start the server *ruby script/server *and then clicking on "About your application's environment" after pointing your browser to

I considered the 'ruby -v' option of course but that will give me the Ruby version my commandline is using. And I am not convinced that Rails is using the same. But this 'script/about' and the graphical version thereof is exactly what I was looking for. I should have thought of this.

Thanks you all!