permission denied errors with rake db:migrate

Does /rails/cem/db exist? Is it writable by your user?

Can you do something like:

touch /rails/cem/db/schema.rb ?

Greg Donald wrote:
No, I get the same permissions error.

lil-loco:/rails/cem craigmartin$ touch /rails/cem/db/schema.rb
touch: /rails/cem/db/schema.rb: Permission denied

The db does exist yes. The last thing I did was to do a :prepare on the
test db and run some tests. This may be a silly mistake on my part but
did I miss something after running the test? Is it possible to lock the
dev db when preparing the testing db?

You probably just ran a command as another user, and so the current
user can no longer touch that file. You should be able to sudo chown
it back to yourself (or it might be less hassle to just sudo rm it)


Frederick Cheung wrote: