Performance - jRoR vs JSP - basic response of 30-40 ms on jRoR, 2-4ms on JSP

Has anyone done any recent benchmarking on RoR vs. JSP? Our testing on a very simple URL that simply shows the time indicates that RoR (or jRoR to be exact) seems to take 30+ms to return the results. This is contrast to 2-4ms for JSP. Is 30+ms reasonable with your experience or have we messed something up? We are running on Tomcat btw.


That sounds totally broken. I don't see anything close to that kind of lag on Tomcat, Glassfish, or any other container I've tried.

Are you using NewRelic or rails-footnotes or anything to monitor your app? That would be a good first step, I'd say.


No - have not tried that. These timingsa were with a simple time app. Could you check your timing for a hello world type of a simple app?

Why don't you post your instrumented test case and I'll run it? :slight_smile: