PayPal Integration

Hi i was following this link for PayPal integration in the process i got this error

undefined local variable or method `pay_bill_url' for #<#<Class:0x927b3f8>:0x92794b8>

View Name:create <%= form_for @payment ||=, :url => pay_bill_url, :html => {:id => :payForm} do |p| %> <%=p.text_field :amount%> <%=p.submit 'Pay'%> <% end %>

Controller Name: billing

class BillingController < ApplicationController   before_filter :get_order, :only => [:checkout, :paypal, :thank_you]

def new     @payment = params[:payment]     if       ## Paypal Checkout page       redirect_to billing_url     else       render :action => :new     end end

  def create


  # ASSUMPTION   # order is valid i.e. amount is entered

  def checkout     response = @order.setup_purchase(:return_url => confirm_paypal_url(@order), :cancel_return_url => root_url)     redirect_to @order.redirect_url_for(response.token)   end

  ## CALL BACK    def paypal      @order = @order.purchase(:token => params[:token], :payer_id => params[:PayerID], :ip => request.remote_ip) redirect_to thank_you_billing_url(@order)    end

   private    def get_order      @order = Payment.find_by_id(params[:id])      @order && @order.valid? || invalid_url    end


Routes: match 'billing/create' => 'billing#create' ## Callback URL match '/billing/paypal/:id/confirm', :to => 'billing#paypal', :as => :confirm_paypal ## Create payment   #match '/billing', :to => 'billing#create', :as => :pay_bill

Is this the line that should give you pay_bill_url? If you look closely you will see it is not quite correct. If you cannot see it examine every character on the line and work out what that character does.