Patching error output inconsistencies worthwhile?

Some file/line number outputs don't work with Vim file jumping and/or rails.vim. I do BDD in Vim, so this is a major issue for me.

QUESTION: I hacked some fixes - but is this really an issue for anyone besides me? If so, I would be more than glad to add/cleanup patches/unit tests to lighthouse - but only if anyone besides me is interested.


   BacktraceCleaner: './app/model/mymodel.rb' gives '/app/model/mymodel.rb', which is not a valid file path. (see railties/lib/rails/backtrace_cleaner.rb for the filters)

   TemplateError has 4 space indenting (errorformat hacks can get hairy)

... other minor stuff that really bugs me enough to spend time poking around the causes and fixing them instead of doing something project-related.