passing params to controller redirects

my index action is looking for params[:club][:genre_id] after a club is successfully added or updated i wanna pass those (nested) params back to my index action so my filter will be set to the right genre_id but clubs_path(:genre_id => @genre_id) after setting @genre_id = params[:club][:genre_id] doesn’t work the index page loads without a genre_id set

Did you try it without specifying the params?

Last I checked if you define a redirect(…) in your routes.rb file, the query params are automatically passed along to the redirected page.

(*I’m on an older version of Rails, so if this changed in Rails recently then ask someone who has experience with more recent versions of Rails)

If that doesn’t work maybe try

get ‘/xyz’, to: redirect {|path_params, req| “/abc#{‘?’ if req.params.any?}” + req.params.to_query}