How to use redirect_to :action => 'something', params

Hi there. I wanted to redirect to some page and at the same time keep
the parameters that arrived on the current request so i wrote the
following code:

redirect_to :action => 'some_action_here', params

Although it is a hash (the params) and a valid one, it doesn't work. I
assume it expects something like

redirect_to :action => 'some_actio_here', {:param1 =>
'something', :param2 => 'something else' }

but i don't want to hard code it. I want to resend all the params...

Any ideas???

Thanks for your interest but i figured out how to do what i wanted:

redirect_to params.merge({:action => 'something'})

So all of the params stayed untouched for the next controller/
action :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot again for your interest!