Passing in a variable into a method, 0 arguments, expecting 1

i have a method that returned a boolean for a single table… now I have more than one constant (ie TABLE_FORM_ID2, TABLE_FORM_ID2 )

def include_table @values.lookup_value(“OVERVIEW.table.ID”) == TABLE_FORM_ID1 end

I thought I could pass in a value into the method like this…

def include_table(table) @values.lookup_value(“OVERVIEW.table.ID”) == table end

but i’m getting 0 arguments, when expecting 1

I am calling include_table(TABLE_FORM_ID2 )

is this the correct way, or can I possibly opt to check additional values with this method?

What’s the backtrack? Probably calling the method without arguments somewhere else, maybe you could have a default value for your argument for backward compatibility

Lol, i had 2 function calls. I missed the parameters on one of them.