Passing arrays between controllers/views

I have a controller that produces (through its associated 'view'
displays summary information of) a number of arrays. On that view page
I would like links to other pages, one per array, which shows more
detailed information on the array in question. I tried passing the
array as a parameter to a link and whilst I think that would have been
fine for small arrays for a large array I was getting "URI too large".
Since I don't have admin rights to the web server I don't think I can
tweak the http buffer settings, and anyway I don't think very long URLs
are elegant. What other ways are there to achieve what I am after? One
suggstion I saw was using a session - is that the best way ("the Ruby
way") to pass data between controllers? Any suggstions gratefully

If your data is as large as you say, and if you're using cookies for
the session store, you'll probably run out of space in there too.
So your best bet would be some form of database persistence. Either
set the sessions to the DB, or have a "QueryString" object associated
to each user (that could allow you to persist their arrays of data across
sessions if you wanted to...)

If possible then do not pass the array to the url, just pass whatever
information is required to re-generate the array in the subsequent