passenger and phpmyadmin


I have switched from mongrel to passenger and need to get my apache
config working correctly.

I used to have "ProxyPass /phpmyadmin !" and mongrel didnt try to
process it.

How do I get apache to know the /phpmyadmin is not a rails project?

Must be pretty obvious but I haven't figured it yet.


I have a similar problem, I just use another hostname that answers on
the same db server.

Not really sure what you mean Anthony.
Do you mean another virtual host?

Yes, for example I have a shared hosting plan that I can create hosts
like and but they both point to the
same db server, called All of these are
interchangable, so I can use the non RoR domain to access the RoR

Still dont really know what you mean.
What do your virtual hosts sections in appache config look like.