pre-existing PHP, Apache web server, and mySQL setup

Hello All,

I currently have a PHP setup for testing scripts and PHP code on my
main machine:
Apache web server

Can I download the Ruby on Rails package that includes the above
mentioned and just install it to the same machine?
What is the specific procedure to successfully set up the Ruby on
Rails package AND still be able to test my simple PHP scripts on the
same machine?


Hello there,

USUALLY (depends on your experience with rails/apache-setups):
- usually you run rails by running Mongrel on port300x
- usually you run RoR through an Apache-VirtualHost that's meant
specifically for running the Rails-Application
- usually you use Apache to Proxy requests to this Virtualhost through
to the Mongrel-server.
- usually you can run your php-scripts on another VirtualHost on the
same Apache-Installation
- by using Rewrite-Statements you could run php-scripts directly in
the same Virthost, but I wouldn't recommend mixing two languages in
the same host-setup.
- usually you should depart from these setups only if you have the
above working and know what you are doing.

Please google for "mongrel apache proxy" for more information

good luck,

This would walk you through it and explain why you're doing every