Parsing text files

I have some textfiles with about the following format

Hi Christian,

So you have 2 formats to parse: a single-line format and a multi-line format. It sounds like you could just use String.split for the single line format:

data = line.split(’|’)

after which, data will be an array with an element for each column. For line 2 of your example below, the array would be [5, 3, 4, 77, 2, 3, 5]. See here for more info on split:

For the second format, how do you know the number of lines each block will span?


Yes I thought the simplest ones would be simple :wink:

The number of lines is a constant, if there is no info in a line,
there is just a newline there.
So a 4 line block could look like this

From your original email:

There are also some of the files that might have the number 5 on line
3 (for example) which means that there will be 5 “blocks” of
information (spanning say 3 lines per block), starting with line 4.

Does the 5 mean 5 “blocks” of information, or 5 lines of information? I’ll assume 5 lines for now, let me know if that’s incorrect.

This isn’t the prettiest code, but it should work:

in_block = false
count = 0
max = nil
open(file).each do |line|
if in_block
# do something with the next line in the block, could add it to an array, etc…
# update block counters
count = count + 1

in_block = false if count == max  # exit block if necessary, could process the block now

if line =~ /\d+$/
# entering a block
count = 1
max = line.strip.to_i
in_block = true

# parse a regular line
data = line.split(’|’)
# do something with the line data here…