count number of lines in a file with

ok so i'm trying to just read out a file line by line and i can't seem
to figure out how to not get an EOFerror... is there some way to tell
when i get to the end of the file?

i'm just reading out line by line, splitting it and sticking it in a

file_out ="file_name", "r")
file_out.each_line do |line|
  do_the_stuf_vith line

@pid ="filename")
        @pid.each_line do |line|
          @wid = line.split(" ")
          puts @wid

am i doing something wrong?.. this just spits out the path to the file
instead of anything actually in the file.

Dejan Dimic wrote:

Hmm, not sure what you are missing, seems fine to me.
irb(main):001:0> f ='test.txt')
=> #<File:test.txt>
irb(main):002:0> f.each_line do |line|
irb(main):003:1* w = line.split(' ')
irb(main):004:1> puts w
irb(main):005:1> end
=> #<File:test.txt>

My file had First, Second and Third on separate lines.