ParamsParser middleware behaviour with Mime::JSON

Hi guys!

My eye caught this part in ParamsParser middleware:

data = {:_json => data} unless data.is_a?(Hash)

If data is a hash, we’re leaving it as is (aka hash with pretty random keys), else we’re getting a new hash with key :_json on the top level. As a consequence on some occasions we’ll get :_json key, on some others - we won’t. This kind of implicit transformation just feels inconsistent and wrong to me. Honestly i’d like to change this behaviour (by submitting a patch of course) with setting :_json key anytime we’re dealing with Mime::JSON.

I’d like to hear some opinions/feedback on this matter. Will it be big backwards compability issue? In my own practice it won’t.

The challenge is that the hash that’s set up there is merged with query_parameters, etc:

so if the request body parses to something that isn’t a Hash (if it’s a JSON array, for instance) than pretty spectacular fireworks ensue. Presumably that’s the intent behind the _json business.

As to backwards compatibility, inserting an extra :_json key (changing params[:foo] into params[:_json][:foo]) in literally every params hash in every controller action that accepts JSON does seem like a bit of an issue. :slight_smile:

–Matt Jones