parameter in a image_submit_tag?

Ramon -- I just had a similar case with submit_tag (which creates a
submit button and calls the action associated with the form). I
solved the problem by adding a :name parameter as one of the optional
parameters, then testing for in in the submit action associated with
the form. (I am not sure if :name is special, I was just copying an
example I found :-). , for example

<=% Image_submit_tag ("../ images / eliminar.gif ", :name =>
"del_image") %>

then in the controller, if your form action was called "manage_image",
you can test for the presence of the specific name value in the params
hash, like so:

def manage_image
  if params['del_image'] ##
    ... code to delete the image ...
    ... code to add the image ..

Here's the link I found with a more complete description of the


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