Papers/good info about RoR?


I'm a student computer science from Belgium - and in my final year.
This means that I have to write a thesis (I don't know how it's called
in decent English) about a chosen subject.
In short: I have to write a thesis about RoR - more specific: an
evaluation of the RoR framework compared to an existing J2EE app with
the focus on software design (ease of development/development

Currently I'm in the readreadandreadsomemore-stage. I've already
completed the Agile book and halfway trough 'Ruby for Rails' of David
Black. Made a few basic apps to familiarize myself with Rails (and boy,
do I love it :p). I've already printed out and read a pile of blogs and
articles from over the 'net but the more info I can get, the better.

So that's where my question comes in : Do any of you know a good source
- prefferably a scientific paper / article / ... - that would make a
fine asset to my information-pile?

I've already used google & google scholar, but perhaps some fine
article is slipping trough the mazes of my search-queries.

Thanx in advance!

You already seem to enough material from good sources. You have to stop looking for more sources
and start working on writing your paper. I hope you already know the structure for your paper.
Good luck!