Paperclip - helppppp

I keep seeing this error when I try to upload an image:

If you're getting the original image then you have ImageMagic setup correctly.

On Windows there is a bug in the current paperclip gem where the ImageMagick arguments are surrounded by single quotes, which windows doesn't like.

Take a look at the console output to see the errors, try the commands that paperclip log outputs. If you have the single quote problem then update the paperclip.rb file:     def quote_command_options(*options) do |option|         option.split("'").map{|m| "#{m}" }.join("\\'") #removed single quotes around #{m}       end

Also note that in current version of ImageMagic the size in the styles hash no longer takes a final character, only the dimensions. So if you have :medium =>'300x300>', it now has to be just '300x300'

Hope this helps