Pagination for Partial with page.replace_html

I have a partial which has a list of jobs in it.

I want to perform an action "save and go to next" which may or may not
take me to a new record which is on a different page of the partial.

def updatenext
    @job = Job.find params[:id]
    if @job.update_attributes params[:job]
      nextid = getnextid(
      render :update do |page|
        @job = Job.find_by_id(nextid) #we want to show the next here
        page.replace_html 'jobs-list', :partial => 'list' # This
line does not do what I need it to do
        page.replace_html 'job-detail-section', :partial => 'edit'
      render :update do |page|
        page.replace_html 'job-detail-section', :partial => 'edit'

def generate_paginated_list

    @job_pages, @jobs = paginate :jobs, :order_by => 'created_at
desc', :per_page => 15

How do I make it such that @job_pages can be set to a different page
when the replace partial is called?

I want to look up what page the is contained within and
replace_html 'jobs-list' with that page.