pagination_find outside of find?

I am selecting records from the database using find. Then I delete
records out of the array, that I don't want. That means I have fewer
records in my array then after the find. Therefore I cannot put the

:page => {:size => 15, :current => page}

into my find.
How would I do it, if I have the following code to tell my pagination
the number of records?

@images = Image.find(params[:keyword])
if @images.empty?
  flash[:notice] = "No Images found"
  @images.reject { |image| != }

Please help!
Thank you!

its a bad practice to get all records and filter in rails afterwards.
use conditions.

@images = Image.find(params[:keyword], :conditions => "owner_id =
unless @images.empty?
  flash[:notice] = "No Images found"

You are right, but I am using find_fulltext and I don't know, how to
join several tables with find_fulltext as well as have two arguments
like "keyword" and "owner_id". Also, I don't know how to add the
pagination stuff in there. My sql query would look like this:

select value
from fulltext_rows f, images i
where f.fulltextable_type = "Image" and
         f.value like "%params{:keyword]%" and = and
         i.image.type = null and
         i.owner_id = owner_id;

Thank you!