paginating_find Use of Calculations::count problem

I have a multi-table join that pencils out as follows:

Member.find(:all, :include => :contacts, :conditions => ['(members.projects
LIKE ?) AND (contacts.updated_by = ?)', '%my project%', 'System

This finds all projects like 'my project' ever updated by 'system
administrator' (member has_many :contacts).

I installed paginating_find, and it works wonderfully for a straight
pagination, but with the above code, when I add in:

:page => {:current => 1}

the count method (used to figure out how many pages there will be) doesn't
find the 'contacts' table. The SQL generated is:

SELECT count(*) AS count_all FROM members WHERE ((members.projects LIKE '%my
project%') AND (contacts.updated_by = 'System Administrator'))

Does anyone know why ActiveRecord::Calculations is ignoring the :include
option or have a workaround?