P2P facility or plugin?

Hi you all, is there any plugin or extension to create P2P applications
with Rails? Such as JXTA for Java?

While I wouldn't say it's impossible, I would say that Peer-to-Peer
(P2P) is outside the scope of Rails. Rails is a web application
framework (server-side) and wouldn't be the technology I would choose
for building a P2P network. Although, a Rails application could
certainly play a role in the P2P network. You still need some client-
side applications to act as the peers.

Consider a simple P2P network like an instant messenger where each
peer runs an application that sends messages to another peer running
the same (or other compatible) application. You might be able to force-
fit a Rails application to this purpose, but it would seem to me to be
the wrong technology for the job.

In that same case there is usually a centralized "server" that allows
the peers to find each other on the network. Maybe a Rails application
would be a good fit there. But, that's not actually what I would call
a pure P2P network where messages, or files would be transmitted
directly from one peer to another without the need for a central

I'm not aware of any plugins for Rails similar to JXTA. That would be
more like searching for a plugin for Struts that is similar to JXTA.
What I mean is that whatever that would be would probably not be for
Rails but for Ruby in the same way that JXTA is a library for Java and
not some Java based web application framework.

Maybe a better way to ask your question is to fill us in on what you
are actually trying to do. Just asking about P2P is a pretty broad
subject. You could quite easily build a P2P between two web
applications using a REST API and ActiveResource. That's pretty common
and is, technically, a P2P network, but maybe not in the sense you're

I would create P2P applications with Ruby, rather than Rails. One could make the comparison that Rails is more like mininova.org where Ruby is more like Transmission/Azereus.