Overriding ActionController method in an app

i can't seem to get this working... basically, i want to use a patch
that was added to rails:


but i don't want to have to upgrade past 2.0.2, and i don't want to
have to freeze rails inside the app.

so i was hoping to override the methods in ActionController required
to make the patch to my app only. i created a file called
'path_patch.rb' and put it in my config/initializers dir, which
contains the following:

ActionController::Resources::Resource.class_eval do
  attr_reader :path_segment

  def initialize(entities, options)
    @plural ||= entities
    @singular ||= options[:singular] || plural.to_s.singularize
    @path_segment = options.delete(:as) || @plural

    @options = options


  def path
    @path ||= "#{path_prefix}/#{path_segment}"


but it doesn't work. and, actually, no matter how hard i try (using
this or other code) i can't seem to override the path method, even to
just cause it return bogus info.