Override redirect_to in ActionController::Base


I'm trying to override the "redirect_to" method in the
ActionController's Base class but I am running into some trouble. The
method seems to reside in "class Base", "class << self". This might be
part of the problem.

First of all I am using one file to specify all my overrides:
"overrides.rb", which I require in my "environment.rb" file.

In any case if I try to override it like so:

class ActionController::Base
  def redirect_to
    # do something

It fails since it can't find the name: ActionController. I solved this
by moving the override into the "application_helper.rb" file. Is there
a way to position my "overrides.rb" file so that it could override this

When I place the override in my application_helper i can override it
but I can't call "super". It seems to think there is no super method
available (this might be caused by the class << self part?).

Currently I solved the problem by copying the code from "base.rb"'s
redirect_to function into the override like so.

  class ActionController::Base

    def redirect_to(options = {}, *parameters_for_method_reference)

      # do something

      case options
        ... # much code that should not be here :frowning:



Needless to say this method sucks (big time). I'd like to know the
correct way to override this method.

Andre Foeken