Override the default rails 'rake test' command to start dependencies

Hey guys,

I'd like to be able to override the default test task with something
that starts the dependencies required for testing our app. I've been
googling a bit and playing around with rake but I can't get it to play

I put a file in lib/tasks/testing.rake with the following command.

Does anyone know a solution for doing something like this? I'm sure
this must be a common thing :slight_smile:


desc 'Test all units and functionals'
task :test do
  puts "Starting ferret server..."
  system "RAILS_ENV=test script/ferret_start"
  exceptions = ["test:units", "test:functionals",
"test:integration"].collect do |task|
    rescue => e

  exceptions.each {|e| puts e;puts e.backtrace }
  raise "Test failures" unless exceptions.empty?

I've found this useful in the past for redefining tasks (third item when I google for "rake redefine tasks")


Michael Glaesemann
grzm seespotcode net

Excellent, thanks Michael just what I was looking for!

I guess redefine was the magic word I didn't try. :slight_smile: