Rake task dependency question...

This is probably really simple: I want a new rake task to collect all
the steps that we need to do to reset the state after changing branches.
The steps needed can be done at the command line as follows:

rake db:reset ttv:seed ttv:develop # initialize the database
rake db:test:load ttv:seed RAILS_ENV=test # initialize the test database
rake test # run tests

So they need to be run in a certain order, and it looks like normal
rake dependencies wouldn't enforce the order. So a bit of research got
me this which is ugly and anyway doesn't work right. What's the right
way to do it?

desc "Full Reset of DB after changing branches or installation"
task :full_reset => :environment do
   Rake::Task['db:reset'].execute({:RAILS_ENV => "development"})
   Rake::Task['db:test:load'].execute({:RAILS_ENV => "test"})
   Rake::Task['ttv:seed'].execute({:RAILS_ENV => "test"})