output values being converted?

Hi all,

I've got a c++ program that inserts data into a mysql database, its a
32 length varchar column in question that contains sha256 hashes such as


Unfortunately, when I come to read this in rails and print out the hash in a
view, it prints out a short integer like 847.

I've tried it in irb, I can see the hash correctly as the return value of a
.find, but it still comes out wrong when I print it directly:

=> @hash = FileHash.find(:first)

#<FileHash id: 423, hash: "018cf0b47256973ab6f08a720208c28c34d85722", size: 1393>

=> @hash.size


=> @hash.hash


I can't think what would be causing this, I've never come across anything
quite like this before. I'm not using any unusual encodings or anything, at
least, I'm using the same a I always have without problems.

Hope someone can shed light on this.



Well to answer my own question yet again:

It turns out that hash is a method defined by activerecord already. I
originally had problems naming my model Hash so I changed it to FileHash. I
didn't realise that hash was a method as well as a class.

Changing the column name in the db, rails and the c++ app has fixed the
problem :slight_smile:


You could have also accessed the original column as:


which forces the name 'hash' to be treated as an attribute name of the model.

FYI, you also run into the same kind of problem with other names that conflict with exiting methods.


Rob Biedenharn http://agileconsultingllc.com

All objects in ruby have a hash method for which the following
statement should hold

a.hash != b.hash => a!=b

Among other things it is used when you use something as a key in a