other fields in AR forms

i'm still new to a lot of this terminology, so i hope i am explaining this right.

i have a form for one of my models, similar to the ones that are generated in a scaffold (i'm not sure what the specific name is for that) and i want to stick some other fields in there that have nothing to do with my model or relationships to it.

what is the best way to handle that? would i just make another form field and act like it's another method of my model or should i just use form_field_tag ?

text_field_tag :sry:

Hi josh,

Forms aren't tightly coupled to models, so you can use any of the helpers to make a different text field - or you can just use html if you want.

If you don't want the new field to show up in params[:modelname], just set its html name attribute to something OTHER than "model_name[field_name]"

Cheers Starr