Organizing Helpers

I am trying to keep my code organized as a project grows larger. I am
having trouble organizing helpers into a way that I like. Right now,
I have helpers named after the controllers and one application
helper. I am trying not to duplicate any code, so when two controller
views need the same helper method, I move it into the
application_helper.rb file. As the project is growing, the
application_helper.rb file is becoming a bit clunky with methods that
apply to more than one controller's view, but that are certainly not
application-wide. Any ideas of good organization to keep helper
methods that span only a few controller's views tidy?



Just put the common code into its own helper and put the:
   include MyCommonHelper
into both (all) the controllers that need it. Name it something that describes the feature that it helps (and the ...Helper suffix will clue you into where to find it).


Rob Biedenharn