Oracle connection problem

I try to connect to a oracle database but I receive a error message.

The database connection file (database.yml) is :
  adapter: oci
  database: //WASDEV1:1521/D1WAS

Ususally this should look something like HOST/SID so maybe this should read:

database: WASDEV1/D1WAS

  username: WBIOTP_E8956
  password: WBIOTP_E8956

The error message is :

!ENTRY org.radrails.rails.core 4 0 2006-09-08 16:04:23.187

The trace shows that not even radrails (which is java and is NOT using
ruby binding to oracle) is able to connect to the database! (did you
try with sqlplus or some other tool?)

Luca Mearelli