openssl problems


I am one problem away from
launching our new rails app. Sorry if this isn’t totally a rails question but
my whole rails app is dependent on it and this group has been helpful.

Does anyone know why I
continually get the following error?

when I "require openssl" in irb, i get false, but not "file not found".

check if your <ruby>/1.8/openssl folder exists.

try run following code from command line. if you still get error, then
u got some serious problem. :frowning:

That's the thing... My directory:

/usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/ does NOT have an openssl directory.. I keep
installing it, but it doesn't put it there. I just get these:

[/] # find / -name openssl

Should I try copying some files over directly to the ruby/1.8


wuyaSea operator

Ya that was installed, but thanks...

After 2 days, i got it to work... I cleaned out all the current
openssl files, then took the ruby 1.8.5 source, went into the
ruby-1.8.5/ext/openssl directory and created the openssl make file:

ruby extconf.rb
make install

and that fiiiiinally but the libraries where they should go.

that sucked. i'm on gentoo, openssl for ruby is installed by default.

you don't have to move openssl out of ext/, if you have "ruby/ext/" in
the loading path. i don't much about how ruby class loading work.

wuyaSea operator