Open Browser Window help

When I previously designed my static sites in dreamweaver, I used an
Open Browser Window behavior which opened a URL in a new window of
fixed size by inserting the following:

<a href="javascript:;"
     onclick="MM_openBrWindow('example.html', ...

Is there a simple way to do the same thing in ruby?

this has nothing to do with ruby. that function you show is some
custom Dreamweaver function. it's just a wrapper for the javascript

link_to "blabla", {:controller => some, :action => :thing }, :popup =>

Rails API on :popup => :

:popup => true || array of window options: This will force the link to
open in a popup window. By passing true, a default browser window will
be opened with the URL. You can also specify an array of options that
are passed-thru to JavaScripts method.