only stuff inside of a form display when post a jquery dialog


So I open a little test jquery dialog to do some stuff but the thing is only stuff within a form actually show.

For example my code for the page that is rendered is:

<h2>hello PRE </h2> <%= form_tag close_now_escalation_path, :id => 'close_escalation' do %> <h2><></h2> <h2>hello POST</h2> <%= submit_tag 'close', :class => 'submit' %> <% end %>

when it gets called using     $('a.popup').click(function() {         $('<div />').appendTo('body').load($(this).attr('href') + ' form').dialog({                 title: $(this).text()         })     return false;

only the hello POST displays.

I am at a loss on this one.

Thanks, Dal