[Official Rails Guide] Minimal deployment requirements


I am fairly new to RoR and quite confused about the lack of documentation and guides for a basic minimal deployment of a RoR application.

The official documentation (Ruby on Rails Guides) does not provide any explicit deployment guidelines apart from a small section in the configuration section (Configuring Rails Applications — Ruby on Rails Guides).

The Github page presents a list of options (Ruby on Rails: Deploy), but a simple minimal example is not available in the official docs.

There is an abundance of tutorials on the web each selling a different framework, lib, app server, could platform, etc., however, those who are here to learn and want to get better at RoR don’t want to search for tutorials and think about all the RoR deployment options.

I would suggest that a basic minimal deployment example in the official guide would be more than appreciated. It does indeed require some external software (e.g., http server), but that should not be an issue in case some well-established mainstream tools (e.g. Apache) are used.

Can we expect the official RoR guide to provide a an application deployment guide in the near future?

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I’m also somewhat surprised there’s no mention of Docker.


I completely agree. It would be very useful to have an example with Docker.