Odd deprecation warnings...

Eric Nielsen wrote:

I have come across a few deprecation warnings that I think are in error and I'm not sure how to resolve them.

The first set are regarding the "type" column of an STI hierarchy conficting with Object#type: The warning message in particular is:


warning: Object#type is deprecated; use Object#class

and is triggered from calling

<%= f.radio_button :type, "Personal" -%> <%= f.radio_button :type, "Shared" -%>

within a form_for block with an instance of the base class of the STI hierarchy bound to the model variable. (This is step one in a two step wizard for creating accounts. In step two the display is customized with the appropriate fieds based on the type selected in step one.)


The second set of warnings deal with "find_all" when used with a block as a filter over a collection. I'm not trying to use the find_all => find :all finder. I need to generate a list of all elements in the collection that meet a rather complicated set of condiftions that's calculated in the model (doesn't hit the DB). Is there a way to call the underlying find_all with a block on an enumerable collection of AR objects without triggering the find_all=>find :all deprecation warning?