observe_field and :function


I m using the observe_field helper with the :function attribute.

If I do the following everything it works without any issue:

<%= observe_field 'select_gender', {:function => "(value == '2') ?          $('record_ohrmarke').value = 'a boy':          $('record_ohrmarke').value = 'a girl';"} %>

I would like to perform a more complicated processing and I thought it would be nice to do something like that:

<script type="text/javascript"> function handle_gender_change(element, value) {   (value == '2') ?          $('record_ohrmarke').value = 'ein Maedchen':          $('record_ohrmarke').value = 'ein Bub'; }; </script> ..... ....

<%= observe_field 'select_gender', {:function => "handle_gender_change(element,value);"} %>

However, that results in an js error telling me that handle_gender_change is not defined...

Would be great if somebody could help me out here with the correct way.

thanks a lot in advance.


well, just to give myself a response... :slight_smile:

I was nt able to get it up and running with "infile" javascript. But if I place the function in a normal .js file everything is working fine.